Amber Baldet

Amber Baldet is the CEO of Clovyr. Think of it as an app store for various, competing approaches to blockchains, helping consumers, developers, and businesses explore blockchain-based, decentralized technologies. Prior to the startup world, she led JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence—one of Wall Street’s first high-profile initiatives to harness blockchain technologies. There, she helped develop Quorum, which “has since become one of the most popular places for corporations and governments to start building blockchain projects” (Times). In March of 2019, Baldet will be a Featured Speaker at Austin’s SXSW Festival, talking about how to “bridge the divide between Wall Street and the crypto sets.”

Building Blockchains Creating an Internet of Value
The New York Times calls blockchain speaker Amber Baldet one of the people who are “crucial in pushing the technology forward.” Baldet shows —with concrete examples in soaring everyday language—how, why, and when blockchain technologies might reshape your organization, your industry, even the world at large. She connects the dots to draw a vivid picture of what an integrated “Internet of Value” might look like for citizens, consumers, and companies. Baldet’s keynotes are packed with useful information, but accessible in delivery. The decisions we make today, she reminds us, hold the potential to shape the world we want to see tomorrow.

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Nav Bhatia

Nav Bhatia is best known as the Official Toronto Raptors’ Superfan. He has not missed a home game since the inception of the team in 1995. He can be seen in his now famous courtside seat A12 next to the basket.

In 2015 Nav was also appointed the role of Raptor`s Community Ambassador and asked to report to the Global Ambassador, Drake, as they look to spread the love of Basketball and the Toronto Raptors.

Arriving in Canada in 1984 with very little to his name Nav worked his way to becoming the number one car salesman and eventually found himself the opportunity to become an owner. The path to success was not without challenges; in particular Nav overcame many instances of racial intolerance as a visible minority.

Through his love of basketball Nav looks to change the perception of Sikhs and South Asians to the mainstream audience hoping for a more united community where people won’t have to face the discrimination Nav dealt with over the years.

Nav believes integrating our youth at a young age is truly the path to help change this perception and build a more tolerant society. Each year he purchases tickets and brings thousands of kids of all backgrounds together to watch the NBA’s Toronto Raptors play at home.

With the start of the Superfan Nav Bhatia Foundation, he recently has accepted ambassador roles with Tisso, Canada Basketball and World Vision, all organizations helping Nav and his Foundation bring kids together by building basketball courts across the world.

From Sikh To Superfan
Navs talk centers around his journey as an immigrant to Canada, beginning with the many challenges he faced as a visible minority with a Turban and Beard. Nav highlights key moments throughout his career that have helped to shape the foundation that he has built his success on. He discusses the secrets to his success, his journey with the Raptors’ and how he is now using his celebrity platform to give back and unite people through his foundation.

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Verne Harnish

Verne Harnish is founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), with over 14,000 members worldwide, and chaired for fifteen years EO’s premiere CEO program, the “Birthing of Giants” held at MIT, a program in which he still teaches today.

Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)
“How to crush your competition and dominate your market niche, generating software-like margins, working less, and having more fun!” Verne will show how lessons from nature can help crush the competition, demonstrating why most of nature has thrived much longer than humans!

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Jim Gibson

Calgary-based entrepreneur Jim Gibson is an active leader in the Alberta innovation ecosystem. With 30 years of experience at the forefront of technology and change as founder of six different technology startups, Jim is a passionate advocate for “paying attention” to what’s coming and providing concrete examples of how we can all be leaders and role models for change. As a published author of the 2018 book, Tip of the Spear: Our Species and Technology at a Crossroads, Jim challenges the reader and listener to understand and respond to a new world that sees infinite possibilities meeting serious global problems head on.

Tip of the Spear: Disruption for Monday Morning CEO’s
The workshop is ideal for the executive looking for global perspectives and pragmatic advice about disruption. The 45 minutes opens with a high-level presentation of the three laws of technology disruption from Jim’s Book, Tip of the Spear. From there, we will bring the three laws into “Monday Morning” perspective to provide practical guidance and tools for the CEO and executive team to help position their organization in the face of change.

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Jesse Hirsh

Jesse owns and operates Metaviews Media Management Ltd., which focuses on research and consulting around new media business models, big data, and the strategic use of social media. He is also a co-founder of the Academy of the Impossible a peer to peer lifelong learning facility.

From Disruption to Resilience: Adapting to What Comes Next
The rapid rate of technological change is accelerating our society, fueling exponential change, and rewarding those who are willing to “move fast and break things”. The rise of automation and artificial intelligence are disrupting every sector, and creating new opportunities for those who are able to learn quickly and help their organization acquire new skills. Yet automation and AI is also being adopted by governments, as regulators and law enforcement upgrade into the digital era. What are the companies making the most of this turbulent era and why? What can you do to adapt and be resilient in an era of volatility? How can you be prepared for what comes next?

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Christina Hogan

Chris is driven by facilitating real change in organisations and helping teams make conscious and deliberate decisions. A Canadian living in Sweden, Chris has always considered herself a “learning monster” which allows her to curate, collaborate, and create learning experiences for organisations worldwide. Chris is the CEO of Lorensbergs, a premium facilitation company in Sweden that is transforming from a lifestyle company to a growth company. A Behavioural Scientist with a Master in EdTech, she partners with disruptive companies to strengthen their people, teams and organisations.

Small Steps in Complexity
Entrepreneurs are problem-solving machines. But what if it wasn’t about finding out what is broken and fixing it? What if it was about finding out what is working and doing more of that? Listen in on how Chris applies positive psychology to facilitating real change in organisations: more than listen in… give a go yourself and start thinking through how changing the question changes the conversation and the outcome. How do small steps help navigate in the micro, meso and macro levels of complexity in your entrepreneurship? Let’s give it a go.

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James Keirstead

James is responsible for managing the vision and growth of Levven Electronics, developing and executing long-term corporate strategies, and building relationships with partners, stakeholders and investors.

Being First
In 2012 Levven introduced a disruptive technology to elevate capacity and capabilities within the construction industry. It’s a privilege to share our journey of introducing this change and the obstacles that remain some 7 years later. We’ll explore if an idea can become a market disruptor and a few simple strategies to succeed.

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Mike Lipkin

Mike Lipkin is president of Environics/Lipkin, a global research and motivation company based in Toronto. He is also an international strategic coach, facilitator and catalyst for high performance.

Mike combines his learning from talking to a million people in sixty five countries with the insights from the Environics Social Values research to give clients the secrets to achieving remarkable results.

Mike was raised in South Africa and graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a Bachelor of Commerce.

He began his career with Colgate Palmolive as a brand manager. Mike then migrated to the advertising industry where he held senior account management positions at both Grey Advertising and Ogilvy & Mather.

He founded Environics/Lipkin in 2001. He has written seven bestselling books on personal leadership and effectiveness. In line with his philosophy that life is theatre with consequences, Mike entertains his audience while he inspires them.

Dancing With Disruption
In this thrilling guide to personal success, superstar coach Mike Lipkin shares the seven secrets to thriving on massive change so the best people want to partner with you. Lipkin leverages the proprietary Environics research and his personal experience with over a million people in 72 countries to show you how can magnetize talent and opportunity in a VUCA world. You will learn about the ten trends shaping the future of work, the power of audacity, being simultaneously analytical and creative, being prolific, communicating like magic, collaborating like a champion and being unconditionally enthusiastic. As importantly, you’ll laugh while you learn.

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Ronald Lovett

Ron knew from a young age he didn’t fit traditional structures. The more teachers tried to get him to adhere to the rules, the more he rebelled. With a knack for finding shortcuts and creative solutions along with zero fear of the unknown, Ron began carving his own path as an entrepreneur. From importing Thai sandals, opening restaurants to employing 1500 security guards across Canada, Ron discovered that in order to win in business, you must compete with the best – regardless of your industry. His wild and unorthodox entrepreneurial journey so far is defined by constant learning, fast action and outrageous empowerment – and inspired his first book Outrageous Empowerment in 2018.

HR by Design
Unorthodox and highly effective HR tips and tools to get ultimate alignment within your organization. This calls into question the way we hire, train and coach staff in any industry. One example of this with Ron’s company recently was this video approach to hire a sales associate – we launched this video that got 1000 views within 24hrs and explicitly told applicants we don’t care about their resumé.

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Todd McDonald

After 10 years of brand management in the international footwear industry, Todd shifted his career in 2001 to become an entrepreneur. Pivoting to the Oil and Gas sector, he helped a large public company start up a highly-profitable commodities trading division before founding his own trading firm, Energy Atlantica. Now in its 14th year, Energy Atlantica continues to thrive and has completed almost $1 billion in transactions. Todd is active on the trading floor but dedicates much of his time to strategic development, culture, and team leadership.

My Accidental Competitive Advantage
Learn how one entrepreneur on the verge of a breakdown, turned away from his business to help someone else and unintentionally discovered the ultimate competitive advantage. How to smoke your competition through employee engagement, value alignment, and a purpose that transcends company hierarchy and daily operations. Use Todd’s tactics to establish deeper connections with your staff, suppliers, and clients, all while becoming a happier, more resilient person yourself. Though Todd came across this strategy by mistake, he now shares with other business owners the secret weapon that helps him attract and retain rockstars, achieve 0% turnover and an engaged staff willing to go the distance.

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John Risley

John Risley is President of CFFI Ventures Inc., a diversified holding company operating internationally. The company has majority or significant stakes in a portfolio of young companies ranging from financial services, renewable energy and the tech sector.

Looking Back and Looking Forward: Lessons Learned and Economic Predictions from Atlantic Canada’s Favourite Straight-Shooter Billionaire
Ron Lovett invites John Risley to the stage to share how he weathers the storm in business. John went from selling lobster on the side of the road to becoming one of the most successful investors/entrepreneurs billionaires in Atlantic Canada. Learn what trends and predictions he plans to capitalize on.

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Warren S. Rustand

The common thread that permeates Warren’s Rustand’s experience is one of vision, strategy, and executive leadership, and achievement. He has created, led, and grown many successful private, public, and not for profit entities. He has a passion for family, entrepreneurship, public policy, and community.

Exponential Impact
How can we align our individual and collective interests to have the greatest impact on the individual, Canada, EO, and the world? We will discuss what is necessary for us to live a life of design by aligning our heart, mind, and soul in a common vision. We will learn how to move our life from acquisition to contribution. We will talk about the two mountains in one’s life and how we can move from one to the other, therefore, tapping into our greater self. This allows us to serve others and, therefore, to become the, “The Most Influential Community of Entrepreneurs in the World.” It also makes us our best self.

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Nicole Sorochan

Nicole is an award winning director who is passionate about re-inventing entertainment through storyworld building and cross-platform experiences that reach global audiences. Nicole’s most recent cross-platform project, “Amplify Her”, was created with 30 women working in collaboration together. It includes a feature documentary film, graphic novel, animated series, and exclusive event series that has reached over a hundred markets. Later this year she is launching “Hipster Bait”, a new music platform that gamifies real-world discovery through a mobile augmented reality app. She also co-founded Transcend Entertainment, a new immersive company dedicated to creating compelling shows, venues and human-centred attractions as part of the new ‘experience economy’.

Since 2007, Nicole has co-owned One Net Inc., an award winning creative and marketing agency based in Victoria, BC. As acting Creative Director, she leads digital creative and strategy for the world’s largest tech and entertainment brands.

Making Space for Humanity in Tech
We’re living in a unique cultural moment. Tech is now completely immersed in our lives, from AI to autonomous cars. At the same time, human anxiety and the need for connection is on the rise. How can we as entrepreneurs learn from counterculture to build better experiences for our customers? Nicole will explain her work as an impact storyworld builder and explain how to maintain the ‘humanity’ within your creation process.

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Mara Vizzutti

Mara Vizzutti, M.A., the principal of New Avenue Leadership is a seasoned facilitator and executive coach. Following a successful sales-facilitation career with a highly respected training company, she established her own leadership development business in1996. Her Master’s degree is in Organizational Development and Leadership and she holds graduate certificates in; management effectiveness, coaching theory, building the humane workplace and numerous industry licensed programs.

Be the Lighthouse Through Change
Leadership is most critical when direction and decisions may be unclear due to the Vuca environment we all face in the world and in our businesses. External economic disruptions coupled with diverse agendas and individual needs within our workplaces require us to step-up our leadership.

If you’re stable and “in your zone” as a leader then everyone around you will benefit.

Everyone is looking for a lighthouse. You’re it- -be it.

Learn to lead others through change more effectively by strengthening your own foundation.

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