NexGen Forum Training

NexGen Forum Training session – July 4 at the One Canada Conference in Halifax.

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EO Canada is hosting a NexGen Forum training session in conjunction with the 2019 EO One Canada Conference being held at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel in Halifax, NS. This amazing opportunity is open to EO Members young adult children ages 18 – 30. Eligible aged children can be attending University, entering or in the workplace or have their own business. The cost to participate is $250 per attendee and will be an all-day session including lunch. Participants may register to attend the conference for an additional $750.

NexGen Forum Training is an exclusive opportunity to participate in a new program that gives EO Member’s kids access to the EO Forum tools and content for personal and leadership growth. All participants will have an opportunity to sign up for a NexGen virtual forum with global peers if they choose. The benefits of this customized NexGen Forum training allow EO Members’ kids to

  • Engage in EO and experience an aspect of the EO world
  • Learn tools that promote personal, professional and leadership growth
  • Connect with peers who know what it’s like to grow up with entrepreneurial parents
  • Learn from the experiences of other young people from entrepreneurial families
  • Share the pros and cons of working in the family business
  • Learn how to understand their own patterns of behavior and decision making
  • Apply forum principles to their daily life
  • Improve relationships
  • Develop friendships with the children of EO members around the world

“My NexGen EO Forum has allowed me to connect with people my age from around the world and acknowledge that interests, struggles and life events are common between cultures. Together we have helped each other grow professionally and personally.” – current EO NexGen Forum member