Become an Ignite Speaker

What is Ignite?

Presenters have 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds creating a very fast and fun 5-minute presentation. There is space for 5 members to tell their stories this way at the Victoria conference. This was one of the highest-rated sessions at the 2019 Conference in Halifax. Check out some sample Ignite talks:


This is a challenging way to deliver your story so we have acquired the services of one of Canada’s top public speaking coaches – Will Greenblatt – who will help you put everything together and perfect your delivery. What an amazing opportunity to polish your skills!

Why would I do this?

Peer to peer learning. We know the best stories live inside each of us and we need your story to help us grow. The speakers at the conference will be fantastic BUT we all love to learn from each other. On top of that, you will receive not only the coaching but also CAD$500 rebate towards your conference dues as a thank you.

What’s next?

Send us your pitch – written or a short video – telling us your story and why our membership needs to hear it. Keep it clean, simple and short while remembering our theme “Go Deep”.

If you are selected, we will introduce you and your story to the coach.

Before starting, think about:

What problem are you solving?
What were some of the obstacles you faced?
Can you describe the moment you decided to take your risk?
Did you have to change?
How does your story fit with “Go Deep” theme?

Apply here: