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Discover Victoria

A $4 billion tech sector powers this Harbour city where the beach is always within chill walking distance.

Victoria’s restaurants and boutiques keep it as one of the country’s top travel destinations. Condé Nast agrees.

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What is Wild Ambition?

noun /wīld/amˈbiSHən/

powerful emotion embodied by entrepreneurs who overcome competitors, doubters, bankers and generally impossible odds to build a better future for all.


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Storm the Castle Night

Boogie Night Dance Club

Mind, Body and Soul learning-track micro forums

Black Crystal Red Carpet Gala

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Join your fellow survivors and thrivers for a carefully curated balance of intimate member-to-member experience shares, education around your unique life and business, and some once in a lifetime stories and experiences. As our backdrop, in the rugged west coast, and with Wild Ambition we take on the world to create that which no one else is willing.

This is EO One Canada 2023.