Between the

Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Thriving in a time of disruption.

2019 ONE CANADA Halifax: July 4th to 7th

The world is going to change more in the next 5 years then it has in the past 20. As an entrepreneur, we must be ready and able to adapt with, evolve to and be the disruption! What are you doing to prepare yourself and your business? How are you going to THRIVE in a TIME of DISRUPTION?

Halifax is the destination and a model of adaptation since it became the original port of call 270 years ago. Together we will start to build your tool kit as we reinvent our approach to business and personal resilience by pushing our thinking outside of normal. You will leave challenged with new skills for business agility, inspired for personal growth and reborn with new and rekindled relationships. You will be prepared to take on the changing world!

ONE Canada is the Canadian Region’s annual multi-day learning event designed to help members learn and grow in all aspects of life. You will be surrounded by entrepreneurs of all stages, listen to world-renowned speakers on a variety of topics, and participate in once in a lifetime social activities.

Contact Committee Chairs for Bulk Chapter Bundle Deals! Register at the rate of $1250 USD ($1,690 CND) for Members and Guests. Register now!

New Members are eligible for the $500 New Member Rebate and are invited to our New Member Only Cocktail hour. Please apply the voucher prior to payment to receive an immediate discount!